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You can now access Marley Spoon from the palm of your hand.

By: Anna Decker / 03/23/2016

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Q&A with the Marley Spoon app developers

Our app dream team: Erd Yakingun, Product Designer and Hannah Keulen, Product Manager

We sat down with the brains behind our app, Hannah and Erd, to find out everything you need to know about using Marley Spoon's latest tool to save you time and get you cooking.

So, tell us all about the new Marley Spoon app.

Erd: We wanted to do something for our customers that hasn't really existed up until now. We've had the website since the beginning, but the app offers a new way for our customers to become more engaged with our recipes and their orders, and adds more personalization to their Marley Spoon experience. Hannah: Before we launched the app, people had to go on their computer or laptop, or use the mobile website, so we really wanted to make it easy for people to explore recipes on the go.

Were you inspired by other cooking apps?

Erd: Yes, from the visual side anyway. Kitchen Stories and the New York Times Cooking app were both huge inspirations. We were looking at them as the two best cooking apps out there, simply because the way they display content is awesome.

What's your favorite feature?

Hannah: For me it's editing orders on the go; it makes it so easy for customers to manage their account from wherever they are. Erd: For me it's not really a feature, but I really like the glossy effect on the "select country" screen. I could watch it for ages.

So what are some of the other features?

Hannah: You can browse all of the recipes we have ever created at Marley Spoon, as a guest or as a subscriber. You can look at recipe steps and ingredients. You can even favorite recipes and create your own little cookbook of [dishes] you really like on the app and save it for inspiration. Erd: There's a cooking timer as well. At the moment you can set one timer, but in the future you'll be able to set multiple timers for each step of the recipe.

I’m surprised the app gives free and unlimited access to all of Marley Spoon's recipes.

Hannah: I actually think it's great that [they're] available for everyone. It's good to give people an idea of what they can expect from Marley Spoon, and we are passionate about becoming a place where people can go to be inspired about what to cook for dinner. Erd: And we are similarly working on a plan for the website where we launch an archive of all of our past recipes available to the general public.

Do you know how many recipes are on the app?

Hannah: Hundreds! And actually, over a thousand on the German version of the app as we were founded in Berlin in 2014. Erd: Yeah, it's a lot.

Can I search through the recipes based on my dietary preferences?

Erd: Yeah of course you can, we have a lot of filters that you can access—no nuts, vegan, wheat-free, dairy-free for example. Our search is instant, so as soon as you start typing a word, from the second letter it starts searching. Hannah: It searches the dish title, the description, and all of the ingredients.

What else excites you about the app?

Erd: Customers being able to rate dishes is fantastic. You can go into your past orders and easily give each dish a rating from one to five stars and leave a comment if you want to. This is really great for us--since the app came out last week, we have already received over 2000 bits of feedback on dishes which means that we can then continue to get an idea of [which recipes are] popular and enjoyed by everyone. Hannah: You can also contact customer care from the app on live chat during specific times.

Do you have any personal favorite Marley Spoon recipes?

Hannah: There's a really nice one with Gnocchi... Erd: Ooo I made that! It was so good. Hannah: Yeah and a lovely panzanella. Erd: I had a chicken roulade with cream cheese in the middle and it was really tasty.

Do you both love to cook? Erd and Hannah: Yes!

The Marley Spoon appis now available for iOS as a free download on the App Store. For Android users, the Marley Spoon app is on its way! Hannah and Erd told us it will be available beginning of May 2016.

Bon App-étit!

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