tofu banh mi with pickled vegetables and sriracha mayonnaise

The Banh Mi–meaning “wheat bread” in Vietnamese–originated in Vietnam in the late 19th century.

By: Anna Decker / 10/12/2015

It combines French and Vietnamese influences in one sandwich: a fluffy baguette with pickled vegetables, a slab of liver pâté or marinated meat. Our Banh Mi is a vegetarian spin on the original. We’ve seasoned tofu with a sweet-salty marinade and quick-pickled our own veggies. We think this sandwich offers the best range of flavors and textures, from the fresh crunch of carrots and handful of leafy herbs to the creamy sriracha mayonnaise and sturdy ciabatta roll. Cook, relax and enjoy!

What you’ll need: 14 oz package extra-firm tofu 1 clove garlic 2 tablespoons gluten free soy sauce 1 carrot 1 Persian cucumber ½ cup rice wine vinegar 3 ciabatta rolls 1 oz mayonnaise 0.4 oz sriracha fresh mint sprigs fresh cilantro sprigs coarse salt sugar olive oil freshly ground black pepper

Equipment: baking dish large nonstick skillet rimmed baking sheet

Recipe steps: 1. Prep tofu Drain tofu and slice crosswise into 6, ½–¾ inch thick slices. Place slices on paper towels, cover with paper towels and press gently to remove excess moisture.

  1. Marinate tofu Peel and finely chop garlic. Place in a baking dish with 1 tablespoon olive oil, soy sauce, and a few grinds of pepper. Add tofu slices and flip over so they are fully coated. Let the tofu marinate for at least 15 minutes.

  2. Pickle vegetables Peel carrot and cut into thin matchsticks. Cut cucumber into thin matchsticks. Combine rice wine vinegar, ½ teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon sugar in a bowl. Add carrot and cucumber and toss to combine.

  3. Cook tofu Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high. Remove tofu from marinade (reserve marinade) and add to skillet. Cook until golden brown and caramelized, about 3 minutes. Flip slices over and cook for 3 minutes. Scrape in marinade; remove from heat.

  4. Toast rolls Preheat broiler with rack 4 inches from heat source. Cut rolls in half through the middle and open on a rimmed baking sheet. Broil until toasted, about 1 minute.

  5. Make sriracha mayo Combine mayonnaise and sriracha. Spread on bottom halves of buns. Remove mint leaves from stems; cut ends off cilantro stems. Add tofu slices to buns. Remove pickled vegetables from vinegar and spread on top. Drizzle pickling vinegar and add herbs. Place top bun. Enjoy!

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