taco de mayo

Mexican food is one of our favorites in the Marley Spoon test kitchen. We absolutely love a patiently cooked mole poblano with its thick, dark blended sauce of...
By: Anna Becker / 05/04/2016 /

The most delicious taco I’ve ever had was a freshly made, warm corn tortilla filled with spicy pork and pickled cabbage. The tanginess of the cabbage was perfectly balanced by the rich flavors of the meat, and a finely chopped cilantro garnish with a squeeze of lemon toned down the heat.

We love to experiment with different cheeses, toppings, and meat combinations. One of our most popular dishes is a union of baked pasta and taco. And we're not surprised. The taco-pasta, as we call it, has pasta tossed in a mild chili and beef sauce with plenty of shredded cheese. It's delicious.

We also enjoy cooking up light and tasty sides to pair with our tacos—from a charred corn salad to pickled radishes.

Because our love for tacos knows no bounds, I’ve put together a roundup of our favorite recipes. All you need is a pitcher of margarita or some micheladas. Enjoy!

taco pasta with cheese, romaine & black olivesPasta is tossed in a mild chili and beef sauce and plenty of shredded cheese. The dish bakes and bubbles its way to a golden crust. Like a true taco, we’ve chopped up crispy romaine and olives to serve on top.

taco pasta

chorizo and potato tacos with cucumber and pepper saladThis one is a riff on one of our favorite breakfast tacos, filled with tender potatoes and savory chorizo. With a cooling pepper and cucumber salad alongside, all you need is a stack of napkins and you’re set.

chorizo and potato tacos

spicy shrimp tacos with radishes, cucumber & chileSpicy marinated shrimp and vegetables in soft tortillas.

spicy shrimp tacos creamy bean and poblano tacos with a charred corn saladRajas con crema is a traditional Mexican dish of roasted poblanos simmered with onions and cream. We riffed on that idea, adding pinto beans for protein and swapping cream cheese for the cream.

creamy bean and poblano tacos bacon, egg and black bean tacos with tomatillo sauce & chile-lime jicamaThese breakfast-inspired tacos would be just as good for brunch as they would be on a weeknight. If you have a gas stove go ahead and heat the tortillas directly over that open flame; a little bit of char goes a long way to enhance their corn flavor. But don’t worry, they’ll be fine warmed in the oven, too. For a milder salsa, omit the jalapeño. bacon, egg and black bean tacos