producer spotlight: The Good Batch Cookies

It's hard to forget your first love, when you were young and life was simpler, with stars in your eyes and music in your heart. We remember ours—at a time...
By: Anna Becker / 02/07/2017 /

, before our big move to Manhattan, there was a small coffee shop around the corner from our office that sold the most amazing ginger molasses cookie we'd ever tasted. Soft, slightly spicy, with a sprinkling of crunchy sugar and the perfect amount of chew, this cookie was love. It hit us and we knew. The Good Batch had introduced us to the cookie of our dreams.

The Good Batch was born in the spring of 2010 when owner and chef Anna Gordon started selling her hand-pressed stroopwafels at the Brooklyn Flea. Inspiration for this Dutch delicacy came from her then-boyfriend (now husband) Steve, whose family missed their native cookie. Over the years, their product offerings have expanded to include a wide array of baked goods, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, and pastries, and in September 2014, The Good Batch opened its first brick and mortar location in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Fast forward to this fall, when we contacted The Good Batch about featuring their cookies as gifts for our long-time Martha & Marley Spoon chefs. True love never dies, after all, so we couldn't wait to work with them again. Not only were the ginger molasses cookies as amazing as we remembered all those months ago, but every other type of cookie they sent us to taste—brown butter salty shortbreads, flourless chocolate-pecan sandwiches, and coconut macaroon sandwiches—made us swoon all over again.

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