Thanksgiving is famously regarded as the ultimate food-lover's holiday, and where there's a bounty of delicious food, a strategy for cooking with leftovers can be just as exciting as planning the big day itself. A few years ago, the Martha Stewart Living team (back when our own Jennifer Aaronson was behind the scenes!) tested and toiled over the topic and came up with a few globally-inspired variations that truly showcase this versatile bird!

In the unlikely event that you saved a little turkey for the day after, we've pulled some of our favorite recipes from the archives, and you can find them all here! But for the best Thanksgiving sandwiches, look no further than these three recipes below. True magic can be achieved between two slices of bread, and amongst our collective years of experience as a test kitchen team, we'll never stop being surprised by how fun and delicious sandwiches can be!


turkey monte cristo If you like French toast and grilled cheese, you'll love a Monte Cristo. This sandwich is usually pan-fried, but baking it instead means you can use less butter and make several at the same time.


turkey-salad sandwich Here's a bright, fresh lunch that's ideal if, perhaps, you've overindulged (and delicious even if you haven't). A bit of lemony mayonnaise binds together turkey, apples, celery, and raisins. You can also serve the mixture over greens instead of bread.


turkey cobb-salad sandwich Cranberry sauce adds a welcome touch of sweetness to the wonderful combination of ingredients found in a traditional Cobb salad.

photos by: Linda Pugliese