our 6 favorite 6-ingredient (or less!) recipes

We've all seen that shot on TV or in movies (or on infomercials!): the overwhelmed home-cook, diligently following a recipe from a stained cookbook, all four...
By: Anna Becker / 04/29/2017 /

Well if you haven't already figured it out by now, cooking with Martha & Marley Spoon is a far cry from that all-too-familiar scene. It's so easy in fact, that we've found recipes that require only 6 ingredients (or less!) and are featuring 7 of our favorites here, one of which is available to order on our menu!

mashed potato cakes

mashed potato and kale cakes with roasted apples and leeks This recipe brings together two test kitchen favorites: soft potato cakes laced with kale served alongside roasted apples and leeks. We love how the potatoes, leeks, and kale all simmer in the same pot and how concentrated and sweet the apples and leeks become as they caramelize in the oven. Make sure to thoroughly drain the potatoes so you’re able to easily form them into patties.

The key to making recipes with only a few ingredients truly successful is technique. Roasting chicken, vegetables, and tomatoes all on one baking sheet gives them extraordinary color and a nice crispness. A touch of pasta water mixed into creamy goat cheese produces a sauce that you have only dreamed about until now. And at least one impactful ingredient, whether it be aromatic leeks, spicy kimchi, salty feta, or garlicky broccoli rabe, makes all the difference in showcasing the others. Take delight in the ease of these recipes, and get creative with a few of your own. Cook, relax, enjoy!







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