members of the Martha & Marley Spoon Staff pick their favorite recipes of all time

A common misconception about test kitchens is that recipe development involves casually cooking and eating freely all throughout the day, just as you would in...
By: Anna Becker / 06/28/2016 /

The opposite couldn't be more true (except for the Beyoncé part - that definitely happens): our culinary team at Martha and Marley Spoon, and in just about all test kitchens for that matter, are efficient, dynamite professionals who develop, calculate, measure, annotate, test and re-test, photograph and tweak recipes day in and out, and it's all for you, dear reader and customer.

It can be a tedious and demanding process, but luckily for the rest of the office, that means there is rarely a shortage of delicious dishes coming from the talented hands and minds that work so hard to make them perfect. So we've talked to our small but passionate office staff about some of their favorite Martha & Marley Spoon dishes ever to have emerged from those sacred test kitchen doors, and we're sharing them with you now! Hopefully you'll feel inspired to prepare something special tonight–don't forget to share and tag your pictures #MarthaandMarleySpoon! Cook, relax, and enjoy!

Theo Kaloudis, culinary assistant: I remember tasting this recipe in my early days at Martha & Marley Spoon, and I basically took a whole plate for myself and didn’t share with anyone! The creamy potatoes weren’t weighed down with milk and butter, but they were still super rich. Broiled chicken and tomatoes (all on one sheet pan! #smartcooking) is topped with a hand-chopped pesto, which pulls the whole thing together. It's simple and elegant, but super easy to execute.


broiled chicken and tomatoes with olive oil mashed potatoes and pesto Broiling is a great way to ensure that chicken breasts stay nice and juicy. Throw some cherry tomatoes in the pan halfway through and you have an instant saucy side dish. Quick, hand-chopped pesto gets spooned over the top of this dish for a beautiful fresh flavor boost, and dairy free olive oil mashed potatoes balance out the meal.

Kamaria Mion, customer care agent: I really love the Lamb with Spicy Sweet Potatoes. Lamb is something I wouldn't have thought of cooking on my own but it was delicious. Super easy to cook and also looks super fancy–I had a friend over to share it and she was super impressed!

lamb steaks and sweet potatoes

lamb & spicy sweet potatoes with lime yogurt We agree, Kamaria! The combination of tender sweet potatoes and Greek yogurt is so delicious you’ll never want to eat your roasted vegetables any other way.

Jo Ferro, public relations manager: I adored this simple Mediterranean dish. Just 6 ingredients are combined for maximum flavor, and I loved how the sweet roasted tomatoes perfectly pulled the whole dish together. It is a fact that I can eat olives like they were candy, along with the crusty bread as a counterpoint to the delicious, creamy feta, had me dipping back into the baking dish for seconds and thirds.


baked feta and tomatoes with olives and oregano You’ll be surprised by how delicious and beautiful this dish is for how impossibly simple it is! All you have to do is tear crusty bread into bite-sized pieces and break up feta. Once that’s done, the ingredients get dumped into a baking dish and cook until the feta is soft and creamy, the tomatoes have burst into a sweet mess, and the bread is a deep golden.

Mardi Miskit, social media and content manager: I honestly don’t think I can pick just one. I have two favorites and they’re very different, and a lot alike: Fresh Garbanzo Bean Stew with Lime Yogurt and Sesame, and Joe Carroll’s Lamb Chops with Minty-Yogurt Sauce and Charred Za’atar Corn. Both recipes are layered with some of my favorite savory and tangy flavors, i.e. garlicky Greek yogurt. Both are warm and satisfying with a bright touch of fresh mint. And both introduced me to something new—stewed fresh green garbanzo beans, and za’atar rubbed corn on the cob are two things I am grateful to have added to my cooking repertoire!


fresh garbanzo bean stew with lime yogurt and sesame Fresh garbanzo beans are the surprise star of this stew. They look like mini snap peas: the beans come in light green pods with a couple of peas tucked inside each little package. You can use them anywhere you’d use edamame, peas, or cooked garbanzo beans.

lamb chops with yogurt-mint sauce It’s definitely prime time to fire your grill and continue charring summer favorites like corn and green beans. Joe Carroll has paired lamb chops with a cool mint-yogurt sauce that softens the smokey flavor of meat. And along the way we discovered one of our (and Mardi's!) favorite ways to eat corn on the cob: dusted with tangy za’atar.


Renata Aronov, director of human resources & office manager: The Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta - OMG deliciousness! Cooked it and was in HEAVEN! My husband and I love, love, loved it. A little creamy, a little salty, a whole lot of amazing flavor. I think everything just meshed so well, and the orzo was a nice addition. The shallots gave it a little sweetness, and the tomatoes really popped.

herb baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta

herb baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta Renata's right - there’s so much bright flavor from the cherry tomatoes (concentrated bursts of sweetness) and fresh oregano and mint. The shrimp, tomatoes, and feta all cook together in the oven (in one dish!) until golden and bubbly. All you’ll need is a simple side of orzo to soak up the sauce.

Dana Coutant, customer care lead: My fave has to be the Restorative Chicken Soup because it is delicious and filling and warming and healthy all in one. I first tasted it when I was having a rough day because it was snowing and some of our northeast boxes got hung up on the road. When I tasted the soup it was so incredibly comforting with that hint of ginger. Any time one of my friends gets sick I launch into action gathering ingredients to make it. I always keep a jar of almond butter on hand just in case. ;)


sweet potato & chicken soup with greens and almonds This soup is so delicate and light it’s easy to forget you’re eating chicken, sweet potatoes and collards. The secret? We poached every ingredient in broth and added plenty of fresh ginger at the end. It’s also packed with superfoods thanks to red quinoa and almond butter. Make sure to sip any remaining broth: it’s likely to ward off most colds.

Sanaë Lemoine, assistant culinary editor: This is a tough one, but I'll have to say the Meatloaf Burgers. I just can't get over the combination of juicy beef patties (flavored with Worcestershire sauce and paprika) over my favorite steamed rice! Oh, and the sweet Ketchup-Dijon mustard sauce on top is divine. Basically, this recipe speaks to all my childhood fantasies.

meatloaf burgers

meatloaf burgers and rice with cucumber salad Sanaë definitely knows what she's talking about - these mini meatloaf burgers are bursting with savory goodness thanks to Worcestershire sauce and smoked paprika. Grated onion mixed in with the ground beef makes for moist and juicy patties. Our favorite part? When the rice soaks up the meat, still sizzling from the pan. Dijon mustard mixed in with ketchup makes for a sweet sauce with a little bite.