Here in the test kitchen, we've had the pleasure of tasting every one of the recipes in our Martha & Marley Spoon Thanksgiving Box. In fact, we've likely each consumed 5 complete Thanksgiving meals over the past several weeks, and it's a feast that we would gladly eat for the rest of our days. We wanted to learn a bit more about how these came to be Martha's go-to Thanksgiving recipes, so we asked her to share a bit of history behind a few of them:

Turkey 101 and Classic Stuffing new-turkey

There are many ways to prepare a turkey for a Thanksgiving meal—roasting, smoking, deep-frying, grilling, and so on. But a foolproof method that I return to year after year is my Turkey 101, in which the bird is draped in cheesecloth and then roasted. I love this technique because the butter-and-wine-soaked cloth yields a plump and regal turkey; it keeps the meat juicy and encourages the skin to crisp to a perfect golden brown, with a delectable aroma to match. For me, the leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. I love digging the savory stuffing out of the cavity to enjoy later, and having a generous amount of turkey for sandwiches in the days after Thanksgiving. In fact, I so love leftover turkey that I use my Turkey 101 method to roast two birds—one stuffed, one unstuffed—just to guarantee that there will be enough meat for lunches! Try my Turkey 101 for yourself with the Martha & Marley Spoon Thanksgiving Box!

Big Martha's Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoespotatoes

Every Thanksgiving, my mother’s famous mashed potatoes unfailingly graced the table. If she had heavy cream, she added heavy cream. If she had salty butter, she put in salty butter. But they always had cream cheese. The next day, she would turn the cold leftovers into thin pancakes, browning them in sizzling butter until they were crisp. The cream cheese helps them hold together.

Brown Butter Apple Piepie

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without dessert, and my brown butter apple pie is an absolute favorite! I usually keep the dough trimmings to make fun pie-top decorations, but my mom always used them to make jelly tarts. She would re-roll the dough and cut it into rounds, pinch four corners, fill the little shells with homemade jelly, and then bake them.

Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Meal Kit