World Environment Day is on June 5th! At Martha & Marley Spoon we celebrate it (every day!) by working to minimize food waste. We send just the right amount of each ingredient you need, and we also love “root-to-tip” dishes that allow you to use every last bit of an ingredient. For example, you can make a pesto sauce with leftover herb stems or add an extra burst of flavor to a soup using a Parmesan rind. One of our favorites is this week's Beef and White Bean Chili with Whole Wheat Couscous. See how we make use of the ingredients in this recipe, including the can from the beans! Plus, scroll down for more ways to use whole ingredients.

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Don't be afraid of cilantro stems! They impart great flavor. We've used every bit of this cilantro for this recipe, from leaves to stems.

This recipe uses uses organic canned cannellini beans plus their liquid to help thicken the chili and add delicious flavor and texture. Save that can!

A squeeze of fresh lime juice brightens the whole dish. Before you toss that lime wedge, consider adding it to a glass of still or sparkling water for a refreshing drink.

That can you saved? It never hurts to brighten up your table too. Add some fresh flowers, serve dinner, and enjoy!

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Here are a few more ideas for using whole ingredients or leftover stems, leaves, and more!

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