Martha Stewart's late summer cocktails

A few of Martha Stewart's favorites for Labor Day weekend. Here are some of the favorite cocktails to enjoy in the short, yet sweet moment between summer and fall.
By: Anna Decker / 08/24/2015 / Stories

Here are some of our favorite cocktails to enjoy in the short, yet sweet moment between summer and fall. Just like our recipes, these are drinks that are impressive yet simple. They’re easy to throw together in a big batch for a Labor Day party or to make and sip throughout the day.

As we depart from intensely sugary mid-summer drinks, we’re embracing drinks that are more mature incarnations of summer favorites, with flavors that are still lively but tempered by unique additions. We chose cocktails that we feel complement this week’s recipes and showcase some of our greatest hits of the summer. Basil, cucumber, peaches, tomato, and watermelon all have a place in these tasty tipples. Whether you’re desperately awaiting the arrival of pumpkin spice season or clinging to a fading tan, these drinks will coax you into a state of appreciation for those inimitable late summer moments.

Martha Stewart's cucumber punch

Cucumber Punch

This is a fresh take on punch, with cucumbers and gin as the unexpected, yet delicious, stand-out additions.

Martha Stewart's peach and apple cider bellini

Peach and Apple Cider Bellini

Many are familiar with the bellini, but the inclusion of apple cider works so well you’ll ask yourself why you’ve never thought of it before.

Martha Stewart's lillet basil cocktail

Lillet Basil Cocktail

This drink is pleasing to the eye and the palate, as the unusual quartet (orange, basil, cucumber, cinnamon) melds perfectly with Lillet Blanc.

Martha Stewart's fresh tomato Martini

Fresh Tomato Martini

For those craving a tomato cocktail, this is a light and sophisticated alternative to a Bloody Mary or a Michelada.

Martha Stewart's watermelon sangria

Watermelon Sangria

Sliced jalapenos and cubed watermelon make this drink an uplifting take on sangria.

Martha Stewart's peach tequila melbal

Peach Tequila Melba

Grilled peach elevates this drink from being a guilty pleasure to a more adult dessert cocktail.