ingredient spotlight: the mighty lentil

The mighty lentil is a versatile legume that makes a hearty base for salads, soups, stews, and so much more.
By: Amanda Celestino / 11/29/2016 /

They cook fairly quickly, and unlike other legumes, they don’t require overnight soaking. Packed with fibers and minerals, they’re highly nutritious and heart friendly. Each variety has its own characteristics: brown lentils take on a creamy consistency when cooked and are great puréed, French green lentils hold their shape and have a slight peppery flavor that shines in salads, and red lentils break down nicely and form a perfect thick base for soups and stews. But what remains consistent (and what we love!) is the earthiness they bring to any dish. Look for them in several recipes this month. Cook, relax, enjoy!


roasted cauliflower & lentils with tahini and sumac

Cauliflower cooks up nutty and tender when roasted in this hearty meal and we love Medjool dates because they taste like brown sugar caramel. Served over tender lentils and topped with a tangy tahini sauce, you’ll be scraping your plate clean.


curried lentil stew with yogurt and crispy shallots

We think that everything is made even better with a topping of crispy, fried shallots, and this richly flavored lentil curry is no exception. The oil used to fry the shallots is too tasty to discard, so we stir a little into the yogurt and then drizzle more onto the lentils before serving.

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