indulge in these fat tuesday recipes

Refreshing spring recipes are upon us, but for now we're still happily indulging in comforting, satisfying fare. And what better day to celebrate some of our...
By: Anna Becker / 02/28/2017 /

Fried Green Tomatoes and Okra with Cheesy Grits and Spicy Honey

Fried green tomatoes need to be eaten piping hot, the golden cornmeal crust enclosing a tart, juicy slice of tomato still crisp. Same with these crunchy little okras, though they’re both even better when drizzled with spicy honey. But don’t fear! A bowl of grits with melted cheddar softens the heat. We like this combination so much we’d happily eat it for breakfast and dinner.

Shrimp and Andouille with Grits

This fast and fabulous version of shrimp and grits features andouille from our favorite New York local sausage maker—Brooklyn Cured. Their andouille is seasoned with pepper, onion and garlic, and gets its kick from a bit of cayenne and celery seed. It marries beautifully with the shrimp in our sumptuous sauce and is served, of course, over some creamy quick cooking grits.

Grain & Sausage Jambalaya with Celery Root Slaw

Our rendition of this classic Louisiana stew uses a grain blend instead of rice, but we’re sticking to traditional andouille sausage. First brought to the United States by French immigrants, this smoked pork sausage would soon become a staple in creole cuisine. And celery root provides a nice crunch and tangy bite when transformed into a slaw.

Tomato, Rice, and Sausage Soup with Peppers and Onions

Inspired by traditional Jambalaya, we truly feel there’s nothing quite like a hearty, all-in-one-bowl soup with a smoky sausage and tender jasmine rice to soak up all the flavor. Jambalaya was actually brought to America by the Spanish, who adapted Paella, using tomatoes instead of Saffron. What resulted was this comforting concoction, and we’re certainly not complaining.