how we compare: marley spoon vs. the supermarket

Cooking with Marley Spoon starts at just $8.90 per portion.
By: Anna Decker / 11/10/2015 /

With generous helpings, great quality ingredients from sustainable farms and fisheries, and chef-designed recipes that save you time–cooking with Marley Spoon is the new affordable way of eating well at home.

If you’re a numbers kind of person, take a look for yourself. We’ve compared the cost of our most popular plan (2 people x 3 dishes) to the cost of the same ingredients for the same dishes from your local supermarket. The verdict: good food costs less at Marley Spoon.


Keeping Prices Down:

How We Do It:

Farm to Table We work directly with suppliers, bypassing the middlemen that cause your food to cost more and lose freshness along the lengthy journey and complex handling process.

Zero Food Waste We pre-portion ingredients so you never pay for more than you need. Our anti-waste philosophy applies to food—and your money.

A Good Plan When you order ahead, we know exactly how much of each ingredient to purchase. This results in cost savings that we can pass on to you.