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Happy Friday, loyal devotees of Martha & Marley Spoon! And if you're discovering us here for the first time: hello! Welcome! 
By: Anna Becker / 08/25/2016 /

We're happy to have you, and you can order here, because we know you're probably already wondering: "how in the world can I order my first beautiful box?!"

It's the weekend! Our favorite type of end! Chefs can teach you how to use ends of things like tomatoes, for example, but when it comes to using the weekend to its full potential, we know exactly how. This includes sleeping past our alarm. But to be honest, if we had an alarm like this one, we probably wouldn't be too sad.

The weekend is all about spending time with family and loved ones, and the 21st century gets better and better every day at making that a rich and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Going out to eat is now becoming easier than ever for tweens and teens alike, who can enjoy a menu written in the language they know best.

And if you're spending time with your baby at the dinner table, that's great! Believe it or not, even at a year old, they're already learning about the food your family enjoys, and learns to enjoy it themselves too - specifically over other cultures'!

If you're looking for a fun art project this weekend, why not make it all about ice cream??


And man oh man, we can't think of a better way to showcase good ice cream than in something like this. We want them all, and we want them now.

But we're talking every once in a while - a sweet treat is made sweeter when it comes around only for special occasions. Cities like Berkeley, CA, have recently outsmarted unhealthy beverages like soda, imposing this tricky trick that has led to a decrease in sales!

But like we said...floats are perfect every once in a while. Except these kind. They're awesome basically all the time.


As summer comes to a close, we're already in Thanksgiving mode in the Martha & Marley Spoon test kitchen. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I'll pre-celebrate by revisiting one of my favorite columns, and their brilliant interpretation of Turkey Day.

For now however, although Halloween decorations are already popping up in stores (talk about terrifying), summer isn't over just yet. And these tomatoes prove it! (Have we mentioned we love tomatoes?)

Have a great weekend!