This week we found ourselves reading things that made us smile, because finally, science has pulled through and proven that this a real thing. We have been validated! It's not just us!

So in the spirit of cheering ourselves up, here's the cutest little guy you've ever seen. Reminds us of our (vegetarian!) calamarata pasta, which is named for its calamari shape, and is coming to our menu soon (but certainly not fast enough). ?

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.05.33 PM

Someone else that makes us smile was celebrated around the world this week, for what would have been her 104th birthday.


To enjoy the highest quality food television programming possible, watch this, and try not to grin at least once. We dare you!!

This lady is no rookie to TV herself, as you might know, and this week she stopped by Fox & Friends to cook one of this week's delicious recipes—a perfect transitional dish from summer to fall.

And speaking of transitioning from summer to fall, it's not uncommon to change one's hair color, right? So with that notion on the brain, clearly we weren't the only ones to have thought about this.

And on the topic of familiar faces.

Here's some food that's much cuter, and of course, Japan is to thank. Thanks, Japan! ??

Check out our BFF pair in the test kitchen (below). (We're big fans of unlikely friendships.) ?


Have a great weekend!