After a week of crazy storms here at our New York office, we're gearing up for...a weekend of more clouds and rain.

But it's been a busy week, so maybe a relaxing weekend indoors will be just what we didn't know we needed. Reading this, most likely. Because is there anything better than salivating and laughing at the same time?

All while wishing we were snuggling with him.

And living here.

Maybe watch a movie, and pay close attention to this (you'll never be able to unsee it!). We like to think it's what makes this pasta we're developing look so amazing.


How about this adorable short film, that's ad?

And rainy weekend means baking, right? (Sunny weekends can also mean baking. Basically anything can mean baking.) Our assistant culinary editor blessed us with this, in bar form. We were not worthy.

And speaking of almonds...

To beat that summer heat, courtesy of our Aussie-born PR manager, Jo.

Because we like to cook in style.


And to make you smile.

Have a great weekend!