fast and fabulous: our 9 favorite 20-minute meals

There are few things better than a dinner that tastes (and looks!) as if it's been cooking for hours, as if someone has been lovingly laboring over the stove...
By: Anna Becker / 09/30/2016 /

There are few things better than a dinner that tastes (and looks!) as if it's been cooking for hours, as if someone has been lovingly laboring over the stove and oven and counter, but—surprise!—it really only took 20 minutes. We know how busy you are! With kids back in school and the holidays around the corner, we're looking for recipes that save you time cooking, so you can actually slow down and enjoy eating with your family!

It might surprise you how much can get accomplished in the kitchen in 20 minutes—we're loving these super-speedy recipes, including two from this week's menu! Eggplant Casarecce is made super simple and super quickly by boiling eggplant along with the pasta—no extra pan needed! And crunchy sesame shrimp are done in the flash of a pan (literally!) and top a crunchy sweet and spicy romaine salad. Order them here, and enjoy seven more 20-minute recipes from the Martha & Marley Spoon archives. Cook, relax, and enjoy!


eggplant casarecce with capers and mint

In this Sicilian-inspired dish, whole wheat casarecce pasta is cooked together with eggplant all in one pot, truly a #smartcooking technique! This dish features three other ingredients that each pack a distinct, flavorful punch: nutty Pecorino Romano, salty capers, and refreshing mint. It’s an addictive combination we’re sure you’ll love.


crunchy sesame shrimp with grapes, romaine and chiles Unexpected additions to a classic romaine salad make it truly exciting and special. We added lime juice and serrano chile to onions for a quick pickled topping, and sweet, crisp grapes provide the perfect contrast. Sesame seeds add not only flavor, but a great crunch when coating fried shrimp.


vietnamese pork chops with brussels sprouts & fish sauce A quick marinade of garlic, sugar, lime and fish sauce infuses the pork chops with incredible flavor. The sugar in the marinade will caramelize in the pan, so don’t worry if the pan starts to brown deeply—it’s just a sign of a great sear. Because we love #smartcooking techniques, the marinade does double duty as a dressing for warm Brussels sprouts and crisp Daikon radish.


gluten-free goat cheese pasta with green beans, sweet corn and mint The beauty of this pasta dish is in its simplicity: goat cheese binds with starchy pasta water to create a creamy base and green beans and corn cook for just a few minutes until sweet and bright. We used our much loved Garofalo gluten-free penne, perfect for holding its shape when coated in a cheesy sauce.


fish stick roll with slaw and smoky mayo This sandwich is a texture lover’s dream: crisp and warm catfish, creamy spicy mayo, crunchy cabbage slaw, all sandwiched within a soft potato bun. Catfish stays super moist when coated with flour and fried, giving it a great crispy coating without any breadcrumbs. Red cabbage is tossed with cilantro and scallions for a refreshing (and beautiful!) slaw.


thai herb and pork salad with radish and carrots This colorful 20-minute salad wooed us with its gorgeous slices of radish and carrots. Delicate Bibb lettuce acts like a cup, catching a marinated pork mixture that gets crisped up in the pan. The trick to this great salad is making sure the components are all about the same size (carrots, radishes, fresh herbs) so you can easily gather the perfect bite on your fork.


corn and zucchini hash with pancetta If hash is traditionally a breakfast food, we’ve turned it into a sensational supper. Slices of soft potatoes, caramelized onion, sweet corn, cubes of zucchini, crispy pancetta, and fresh basil… your skillet will be bursting with delicious flavor. The fried eggs on top add protein and a bit of luscious richness as the soft yolk mixes into the dish.


summer vitality bowl with cucumbers and quinoa Even though it's no longer summer, we're still taking advantage of this ultra-healthy and delicious quinoa bowl. You’ll find sweet slices of tomato, fresh mint, and a creamy turmeric dressing for a special finish. Quinoa is rich in protein and fiber, and also tastes great at room temperature, so feel free to pack up the meal for a day at the beach.

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