can cooking become your daily meditation?

Feeling more connected with the food you eat.
By: Anna Becker / 08/20/2015 /

In the fast-paced internet-connected world we live in, it’s great to find time where we can switch off and feel truly engaged with the things we most enjoy doing. Activities like yoga and meditation can certainly help you find balance, and feel more connected and grounded, but what about cooking?

Setting aside time to cook for and with friends and family can be a kind of meditation in itself. Our chefs at Marley Spoon aim to simplify our recipes so that you can spend more time enjoying the process. If you’re having trouble tuning out your busy day when you come home to cook dinner, take a moment to try the following cooking meditation.


Start by taking 10 long inhales and exhales It might sound silly, but it can really help you unwind. For this exercise, simply relax your body and breathe through your nose.

Take a few minutes to clean up the kitchen Starting in a clean environment will making cooking much more enjoyable.

Look at and touch each ingredient individually Notice the colors, and feel the textures and shapes and connection through your hands.


Smell the ingredients before, during and after cooking Notice how the aromas change throughout the cooking process.

Listen to the sound of the food cooking Listen to the sizzling, bubbling or even the silence, and think about how the ingredients transform into your dinner.

Taste the ingredients Structural changes happen to food when you heat or chill it. Notice how this affects the flavor, texture and taste.

Enjoy time with your friends and family Turn off your phones and the television and enjoy a meal around the table together. Talk about the food and the cooking process and allow yourselves this time to disconnect from the stresses of your day.