6 burgers that will make all other burgers jealous

Beef burgers, veggie burgers, turkey burgers—we love them all. And while we'll happily devour a classic burger with the works any day, we love the unexpected...
By: Anna Becker / 05/16/2017 /

**miso-tamari beef burgers with Japanese-seasoned sweet potato fries**This burger is on our menu this week! Add it to your first box and save $30 here. These are far from your average backyard hamburgers. The ground beef combines with miso and scallion then the burgers get browned and glazed with a combination of mirin and tamari. Cucumbers also cook in the sweet-salty sauce for a delicious burger topper. No other condiments needed! Sweet potato fries dusted with a sesame-nori mix called furikake are the perfect companion.

black bean burgers with sriracha mayoThese winning veggie burgers are also on our upcoming menu. Veggie burgers get a bad rap. Not ours, made with black beans, soy sauce and sesame seeds— they’ve won over even our toughest meat-loving critics. Could be thanks to the Sriracha that seasons both the patties as well as the special sauce spread on the toasted brioche buns. Topped off with cilantro sprigs and marinated cucumbers, these burgers are a hearty, oh-so-satisfying vegetarian meal in themselves.

hoisin turkey burgers with green beans with ginger & garlicGround turkey patties get a bold update thanks to cilantro, hoisin sauce, lime juice, cayenne, five-spice powder, scallions,and ginger!

quinoa veggie burgers with kale chipsFirst, cannellini beans get mashed into the patties providing added protein and structure. Second, sharp white cheddar gets folded in for melty pockets of savory satisfaction. And, finally, the caramelized onions make every bite irresistible.

meatloaf burgers and rice with cucumber saladThese mini meatloaf burgers are bursting with savory goodness thanks to Worcestershire sauce and smoked paprika. Grated onion mixed in with the ground beef makes for moist and juicy patties. Our favorite part? When the rice soaks up the meat, still sizzling from the pan. Dijon mustard mixed in with ketchup makes for a sweet sauce with a little bite.

green-pea burgers with lettuce and harissa mayoThese pea burgers were an overwhelming staff favorite. The peas become starchy and substantial when mashed with eggs, breadcrumbs, mint and shallot, so no bun necessary! We’re serving these patties over pillowy Boston lettuce, and a mayo seasoned with harissa, a Tunisian chili paste, for a little spice and a pretty reddish color.