5 Easy Recipes to Impress Your Foodie Friends

You had the brilliant idea to invite a friend or romantic interest over for dinner, and now you have the daunting task of cooking something both creative and tasty. Don't panic, we've got a few recipes that might come in handy.
By: Anna Becker / 10/23/2018 / Recipes
5 Easy Recipes to Impress Your Foodie Friends

1. Mapo Tofu over Udon Noodles with Ground Pork and Baby Kale

Sometimes we find a powerhouse ingredient that takes weeknight recipes to a whole other level. Just a quarter cup of black bean garlic sauce transforms tofu and a small amount of pork into an addictive stew. We decided to serve it with chewy udon noodles but the next time you make this dish try it over some simple steamed rice. We added a few handfuls of baby kale at the end making this one a truly complete meal. Cook, relax and enjoy! Get the recipe here.

2. Masala Lime Chicken with Ginger Apple Relish and Naan

This dish brings together a medley of great flavors and textures. Tossing the chicken in a lime dressing once it’s cooked ensures that none of the bright citrus flavors get lost in the skillet. A little salt and pepper goes a long way and transforms yogurt into a delicious savory dip for warm naan. The final touch? A crunchy and refreshing sweet-tart apple relish. Cook, relax and enjoy! Get the recipe here.

3. Arctic Char Teriyaki Poke Bowl with Carrot-Ginger Salad & Sushi Rice

Poke bowls, a Hawaiian dish typically raw fish served over sushi rice, has taken on many new forms and flavors. This recipe kicks it up a notch, by merging teriyaki and poke. Sweet arctic char is crisped to perfection and brushed with teriyaki sauce. The fish is served with a fresh carrot, edamame and ginger salad, quick pickled cucumbers and sushi rice. Cook, relax, and enjoy! Get the recipe here.

4. Apricot-Mustard Glazed Pork with Roasted Potatoes & Buttered Peas

It's hard to beat a perfect roast dinner! For this one, we've glazed a juicy pork tenderloin with apricot preserves, because pork and fruit go together like peas and carrots, which is exactly what we serve on the side! Along with crunchy-on-the-outside, and tender-on-the-inside roasted potatoes. Make sure to spoon any extra pan juices over the pork for a delicious finish. Cook, relax, and enjoy! Get the recipe here.

5. Coconut-Peanut Rice Noodles with Blistered Zucchini & Green Beans

Satay dipping sauce is so irresistible, we thought it was high time it got off the sidelines as a dip and into the spotlight as a showstopping sauce. Zucchini and green beans get nice and charred in a searing hot skillet before getting tossed with tender rice noodles and the creamy satay sauce. It gets showered with fresh cilantro, chopped peanuts, and a squeeze of tart lime juice just before serving. Cook, relax, and enjoy! Get the recipe here.