5 drinks for your game day gathering

Game day is just around the corner and even the non-sports fans among us are gearing up for a delicious Sunday featuring healthy nachos, grass-fed beef chili,...
By: Anna Becker / 02/01/2017 /

Game day is just around the corner and even the non-sports fans among us are gearing up for a delicious Sunday featuring healthy nachos, grass-fed beef chili, teriyaki chicken wings, and cheesy fajita pizza. No Super Bowl party is complete without drinks, so we rounded up some of our favorite cocktails, all of which are easy to prepare so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

maple apple shandy There's sure to be plenty of beer at your game-day party, but if you're looking to step it up a bit, we recommend this twist on a classic shandy. Traditionally equal parts beer and lemonade, this one uses crisp and bitter IPA, sparkling cider, and a dash of calvados (a French apple-flavored brandy). Maple syrup stands in for simple syrup and fresh lemon juice adds the perfect amount of tartness for a truly refreshing cocktail.

makes one cocktail

what you’ll need: ½ oz pure maple syrup 1 ½ fresh lemon juice 2–3 slices honeycrisp apple 6 oz chilled IPA 4 oz chilled sparkling cider ½ oz calvados or apple jack

recipe steps:

  1. In a 12-oz glass, combine maple and lemon juice. Add apple slices.
  2. Tilting the glass slightly, slowly pour the beer against the side to reduce forming a head. Add the cider similarly.
  3. Tilt a spoon over the surface and slowly pour the calvados over the spoon. Serve and enjoy!

grapefruit negroni This cocktail is refreshing complement to all of those rich game-day eats. While a Negroni is an acquired taste, the bitterness of the Italian spirit, Campari, is offset by the sweetness of vermouth. For us, it's the addition of our favorite citrus that tips us over.

Makes one drink slightly adapted from liquor.com

what you’ll need: 1 long, wide slice of grapefruit peel 2 peeled ruby red grapefruit segments (or 2 oz fresh ruby red grapefruit juice) 1½ oz Gin 1 oz sweet Vermouth ½ oz Campari

recipe steps:

  1. Fill an old fashioned glass with ice, curl the grapefruit peel around the inside of the glass and set aside.
  2. Squeeze the grapefruit segments into a shaker and drop in the fruit.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients and fill with ice.
  4. Shake vigorously and strain into the prepared glass.

cranberry caipirinha For those who enjoy something on the sweeter side, we recommend the caipirinha. This national drink from Brazil is made with cachaca: a powerhouse of a clear spirit distilled from fermented sugar cane. It’s no coincidence that “cachaca” means “firewater” in Portuguese! While caipirinhas traditionally don’t include a seltzer topper (like mojitos, for example), it does make for a lighter and more refreshing tipple. With the addition of fresh cranberries, think of this as winter's answer to spring break.

Makes two cocktails

what you’ll need: ½ cup fresh or frozen cranberries 1 lime, cut into 8ths ¼ cup sugar Crushed ice 5 oz cachaca chilled seltzer (optional)

recipe steps:

  1. Divide the cranberries, lime, and sugar between 2 rocks glasses.
  2. Using a muddler or pestle or wooden spoon, muddle the cranberries, lime, and sugar until the sugar is dissolved and the cranberries and limes are well mashed.
  3. Fill the glasses with ice. Add the cachaca and stir to combine. For a lighter option, top with a few ounces of seltzer and serve!

ginger-lemon hot toddy Planning to just curl up on the couch this Sunday? We've got you covered for that too. How do we best keep warm on a cold winter’s day…night…evening…afternoon…or whenever? By pouring ourselves a soothing hot toddy made with ginger, lemon, and honey, and of course bourbon.

Makes two drinks

what you'll need: 1 lemon 1 oz fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced 4 tablespoons honey 1 cup water 4 oz bourbon

recipe steps: 1. Using a vegetable peeler, remove 2 long, wide strips of lemon zest. In a small pot, combine lemon zest, ginger, honey, and water, and bring to a boil. Reduce to low and simmer for 5 minutes. Cover and let steep off the heat until infused for 10 minutes. 2. Return to a simmer. Juice the lemon and add 2 tablespoons to the pot. Off the heat, add the Bourbon. Strain liquid and divide between 2 mugs. Enjoy!

twist on a classic michelada

We'll never say no to a michelada. They're sometimes made with clamato, but we prefer the traditional hot sauce, lime and Worcestershire variation, plus a few secret ingredients. The tangy and savory flavors combined with the refreshing light beer hits the spot.

Makes one drink

what you'll need: 1 can or bottle of beer (something light like Modelo Especial is best) ½ tbsp tamari or soy sauce ½ tbsp Worcestershire sauce Juice of 1 lime A few strong dashes of your favorite hot sauce (we like Valentina) For serious extra tang, add in some of your favorite pickle brine

Ultimate seasoning to rim your glass: Combine a little salt, garlic pepper, smoked paprika, and sumac.

recipe steps:

  1. Place rim seasoning on a small plate, use a lime wedge to wet the rim of the glass and dip into seasonings.
  2. Add ice to glass, pour in beer, add remaining ingredients, stir and enjoy!