10 cheesy recipes that will melt your heart

#TreatYourself is the name of our St. Valentine's game. Whether you're snuggling up with your beau, your bestie, or your Netflix account, let yourself fall in...
By: Amanda Celestino / 02/08/2017 /

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Mushroom Tartine with Green Apple Kale SaladThe key to this French-style open faced sandwich is browning the mushrooms. Flavorful, meaty, cremini mushrooms are sautéed in butter over medium-high heat. Resist the urge to stir too often, and season with salt after they've browned—salt extracts moisture and the mushrooms will brown best when dry. Serve with a tart apple and kale salad alongside for balance.

9 more of our favorite melt-in-your-mouth recipes...

lemony spinach gnocchi bake with basil and pine nuts

savory leek & cabbage tart with cheese and arugula salad

cheesy tamale pie

kale & cheddar tortilla pizza with marinated tomatoes

ham, cheese and apple tartines with soft leeks

quesadilla kit with refried beans

lemon & asparagus flatbread with asparagus, onions & fontina

warm pimento cheese sandwiches with roasted sunflower broccoli

grass-fed beef burger with Gruyère