squash and learn with this versatile vegetable

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By: Anna Becker / 09/21/2016 /

Although any time is a great time, now is the perfect time for squash. The temperature is lowering, the leaves are turning, and pretty soon we'll be snuggled up in our sweaters drinking hot chocolate.Certainly, squash season is nigh, and we've got three great recipes to incorporate this hearty cold-weather vegetable into the warmth of your kitchen at every meal. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

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Martha Stewart's amazing Squash, Apple, and Hazelnut muffins, to us, are the ideal BREAKFAST. Super hearty, not too sweet, and perfectly moist from the addition of smooth and creamy squash. Make a few dozen, and here's a #smartcooking (#smartbaking?) technique: if there are any leftover, slightly stale muffins after a few days, crumble them up, toast them in the oven, and sprinkle over yogurt! It's like granola, but muffins. Muffola? Get back to us on the name. Just know it'll be delicious.


There's nothing like an interesting and substantial salad for LUNCH - you get all the health benefits that come from a bed of greens, but sky's the limit when it comes to fun combinations of toppings, veggies, cheeses, and proteins. This roasted squash salad with fresh mozzarella and pumpkin seeds is a texture-lover's dream. Imagine it: soft squash against a crisp spinach, and salty, fresh mozzarella. We used one of our #smartcooking secrets and made an infused oil to drizzle over the top, using fennel and pumpkin seeds for nutty depth and a delicate crunch.


After a muff-tastic breakfast and a lighter lunch, it's easy to get excited about a gorgeous double cut pork porterhouse with squash & cranberries for DINNER. Cooking a larger piece of meat on the bone ensures moistness and plenty of flavor. This recipe also features a fun and festive pan sauce, bright with rosemary and dried cranberries - the ultimate fall fruit. But of course, the true star here is the Delicata squash. Delicatas are much smaller than the common butternut, so they're easier to handle, and - hooray! - you can eat the peel! They're texture is super creamy, and roasting will get you those beautiful caramelized edges.