Chowder Down on These Recipes

You've made dozens of soups, but have you made chowder? It's traditionally creamier and heartier than soup. Chowder is the perfect way to stay warm during those unending winter months. Learn how to make some of Martha's best chowders with these 6 recipes.

Notes from the test kitchen

For the Love of Broccoli

The scary green vegetable that once haunted our childhood managed to reemerge in most of our minds as a rather lovably delicious friend. Check out these recipes devoted to one of the best and most patient of the vegetables, broccoli.

The Best Ways to Pesto

Pesto is simple to make and delicious to eat. Add it to a sandwich or pasta and you've ascended to the next level of flavor. Enjoy some of our favorite dishes featuring the lovely pesto.

Say Cheese

Let's be real - cheese is all you need. It enhances just about every thing. Having a bad day? Insert slice of cheese. Dinner is so so? Shred some cheese overtop. I suppose a death in the family wouldn't be helped by cheese, but the verdict is still out on that one. Check out some of our best cheese recipes.

Steak up Your Dinner Routine

Get fancy tonight and treat yourself to a nice steak dinner! Never been able to cook your ideal steak? Don't worry, we've got a recipe for everyone. Check out 8 of our most deliciously decadent steak recipes .

More Potatoes Please

Deciding to have potatoes for dinner is simple, deciding on the style of potatoes is challenging. Given potatoes are so delicious, we can rejoice in that fact there's really no going wrong. Here are some of our favorite recipes featuring one of the best vegetables out there.

7 Simple Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp is the secret to easy kitchen inspiration. It's super easy to cook and is bursting with flavor. Shrimp compliments just about any cuisine so there are endless ways to serve it up. Send your taste buds singing tonight with our favorite shrimp recipes.

5 Chipotle Inspired Recipes

Chipotle refers to a smoke dried jalapeño pepper. Adding a chipotle rub or spice to any of your dishes gives them a bold, earthy and smokey taste. Check out some of our favorite chipotle inspired dishes.

Our Top Turkey Recipes

Tired of the usual chicken dinner? Try thinking outside the box tonight and give turkey a go! It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to serve it up. Turkey is nutritious and tasty, plus there's no limit on the number of ways you can prepare it. Check out some of our favorite ways to enjoy turkey.

Cook Tofu Tonight!

Tofu is said to have originated in China 2,000 years ago. It didn't begin to make its way to west until around the 1960s. Since then tofu has been seen in more and more dishes. Cook it up crunchy, gooey or somewhere in between and enjoy your tofu night.

8 Perfect Pasta Recipes

Pasta is certainly the queen of comfort food, for good reason: it never fails to satisfy. Even better though, is the amount of ways to serve it. Check out some of our favorite pasta recipes here.

Our Top Chickpea Recipes

Is there a bean so versatile as the chickpea? Make a hummus, add them to a soup or a curry and you've only just scratched the surface of all you can do with chickpeas. Versatile and high in protein, the chickpea's got it going on. Enjoy some of our best recipes featuring our favorite bean.

Power up with These Kale Recipes

The tale of the rise of kale is rather curious. It was ubiquitous in early Roman and Greek culture, but then appeared to be neglected for some time. In 2012, kale reemerged. Where was it all those years? Well, it wasn't entirely absent. Before foodies fell in love, it was used as a garnish in some foods or in flower bouquets. Prior to this, Thomas Jefferson was growing kale in his garden. To celebrate its return on the center stage, we put together some of our favorite kale recipes.

Sandwiches for Dinner!?

Who doesn't love a good sandwich? It's portable, reliable and imposes few limitations. From the glorious grilled cheese to the classic club sandwich, there's one for everyone to love. Check out some of our favorites here!

Our Seven Super Salmon Recipes

Break up the dinnertime monotony with some salmon recipes! Salmon is super easy to cook, and there are endless ways to prepare this nutrient-rich fish. Add goat cheese or a teriyaki glaze and you've only just begun to unlock its potential. Discover all the ways to enjoy with these seven salmon recipes.

All You Need Is Lemon

It's the small details that can really kick your meals up a notch. Add a little lemon to most dishes, and you've got something truly delightful for dinner. See all there is to love about lemons with these 8 recipes!

Meet My Dear Friend, Zucchini

Once I introduced it into one of my staple weeknight dishes, it didn't take long before zucchini was appearing in them all. What's not to love about the nutrient-dense summer squash? Botanically considered, zucchini is a fruit, but in a culinary context, it is seen as a vegetable. Its dynamic categorization reflects the broad range of recipe possibilities opened up by the zucchini. Discover the many ways you can enjoy the green delight.

Six of Our Best Black Bean Recipes

The first food problem I encountered when moving abroad to Germany, was the scarcity of black bean dishes. Having been used to black beans being as ubiquitous as water, I was startled by their absence. So much so that when I traveled home for Christmas, I loaded my suitcase with a dozen cans. I admit it was a bit dramatic, but after having raved to my friends there about all the things one could cook with them, I couldn't return without. Check out our best black bean dishes.

Cheer Up, There's More Chorizo !

Is it just me, or does your heart beat just a little bit faster when you see a new chorizo offering on a menu? My mind begins to race when I begin to consider all the dishes that can be enhanced with the simple addition of this smoky sausage. If I am alone in this, I offer you these 6 chorizo recipes in attempt to convey my love of chorizo.

And That's a (Dinner) Wrap!!

I live under the illusion that somehow if my meal comes in wrap form, it has greater nutritional value. Maybe I didn't spend enough money on my undergrad to critically engage with this fallacy in my thinking. In any case, wraps are fun for changing up the daily monotony of dinnertime. Check out these 5 tasty weeknight wraps.

Curry on with These 8 Recipes

I will never forget the first time I tried curry. I was blown away by the powerful combination of spices and herbs. The vividness of the memory was also due in part to the fact that I was made to eat it with my hands. One can imagine the challenge of having to ball up saucy rice in front of a group of strangers and make the whole event appear seamless. Check out these delicious curry recipes and eat them with whatever utensil you see fit. Most important thing is to enjoy the all the flavors.

8 Creative Cauliflower Recipes

If you're a vegetarian looking to rescue your friend or partner from the dark side, discover the power of cauliflower. Cauliflowers make for a great meat substitute since they are a kind of blank slate, ready to take on whatever savoury flavor desired. Discover their endless potential with these 8 recipes.

Just One More Slice... (or two)

Pizza is unlike most things in life. No matter how many times you choose pizza, it rarely fails to meet high expectations. Pizza is evidence that living can be easy. Check out these awesome recipes and rejoice in knowing that even if everything goes awry, there will still be pizza (hopefully).

Make it Meatballs Tonight: Top 7 Recipes

The meatball is a case in point that the greatest pleasures in life tend to be quite simple. While simple, they come in endless varieties. Depending on which corner of the globe you are, you might get them made from pork, crumbled feta and mint leaves or stuffed with ground beef, soaked bread and diced onions. Check out some of our favorite versions of the meatball!

Eggplants Are What You've Been Missing

With their shiny, deep-purple skin, eggplants are by far the coolest looking vegetable. Even cooler though is the amount of things you can cook with them. One moment you have an easy side dish and the next - a vegetarian burger patty. Check out some of the ways you can enjoy dinner with this delightful veggie.

A Tribute to the Inventor of the Burger

Its origin is controversial. The burger supposedly originated in the early 1900s when a man in Texas stuck a Hamburg steak between two slices of bread. Did the Texan know he would change the course of history? I imagine he did - as a decisive act to give America its most iconic meal. Maybe he was just in a rush and needed a way to eat his steak and bread fast. Either way, we will never have a full account of what happened that day, but we do have the burger and with it, we can do great things.

Why Not Make Every Night Taco Tuesday

Can there ever really be too much of a good thing? In the case of tacos, I don't think so. Grab some tortillas and limes and join us for a journey through our favorite taco recipes. (A margarita wouldn't hurt either).

10 Tasty Chicken Recipes in 30 Minutes

Unsurprisingly, chicken recipes are a staple for most. With the right glaze or seasoning - chicken has the power to transcend.

5 Easy Recipes to Impress Your Foodie Friends

You had the brilliant idea to invite a friend or romantic interest over for dinner, and now you have the daunting task of cooking something both creative and tasty. Don't panic, we've got a few recipes that might come in handy.

9 Salad Ideas for Simple Weeknight Dinners

Let's face it, salads aren't easy to love. Every time take a bite, you have to recreate it on your fork. We can help you fall in love with salads.

Our 8 Favorite Pan-Asian Vegetarian Dishes

With endless varieties of sticky crunchy rice and noodles, vibrant veggies glistening in sweet tangy sauces, few cuisines can compete with Asian street food.

7 Soups to Fight the Seasonal Cold and Flu

Winter is coming and so too is cold and flu season. Soups are the best first defense against colds.

cooking with whole foods: where healthy meets happy

Cooking meals at home using whole ingredients offer many benefits to your physical and mental well being. Here are a few ways to improve your healthiness and happiness...

live and eat sustainably: tips for creating less food waste

The time is now to live and eat with the world in mind. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can reduce your own food waste...

time is precious: here’s how to make cooking convenient

Make the most of your time and spend less time cooking and more time eating and enjoying the things you love...

prep ahead: tips for getting the most out of our fiesta box

Here's how you can plan ahead and save time for more Fiesta.

tips for avoiding the flu & Martha’s favorite immune boosters

As we experience the transition between seasons, we’re more likely to get sick. To avoid the onset of the flu, keep in mind these tips: sneeze and cough into...

waste no more: how to turn your veggie scraps into vegetable stock

One of the most versatile and necessary ingredients in a professional cook’s freezer is vegetable stock. It’s the perfect base for a quick sauce, a tasty...

how to: the 1-2-3 cookie dough every cook relies on

Everyone and their grandmother has a cookie dough recipe that they rely on whether they're feeling nostalgic or when they feel the urge to give into that...

supplier spotlight: Gotham Greens

Working with local suppliers is important to us, and we’re so excited to be sending our Northeast customers butterhead lettuce from Gotham Greens with our...

season to taste? here's how to get the right flavor every time

Ahh seasoning. The elusive, yet necessary skill that seems to baffle many home (and professional) cooks. Salt is an essential and basic ingredient in a dish,...

Martha's must-haves for a perfect picnic

It’s National Picnic Month! Head outdoors and pack your wicker basket with classics like crunchy fried chicken and creamy potato salad. Sandwiches are also a...

top your hot dogs with Martha's favorite fixings

Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with unexpected toppings that will satisfy your summer cravings. Try wrapping the dog in bacon, piling it with baked-bean...

Martha's Father's Day foodie gift guide

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18th and we can’t wait to celebrate Dad with the perfect barbeque. This year expand his grilling tool kit with a utensil...

Martha’s vermouth-grapefruit sangria

Recipe from

waste less with root to tip recipes

World Environment Day is on June 5th!  At Martha & Marley Spoon we celebrate it (every day!) by working to minimize food waste. We send just the right...

7 tasty takes on tacos

The recipe for a perfect taco? Bold flavors, a variety of textures, and a margarita in hand. We're big fans of classic taco combinations, but experimenting...

6 burgers that will make all other burgers jealous

Beef burgers, veggie burgers, turkey burgers—we love them all. And while we'll happily devour a classic burger with the works any day, we love the unexpected...

our 6 favorite 6-ingredient (or less!) recipes

We've all seen that shot on TV or in movies (or on infomercials!): the overwhelmed home-cook, diligently following a recipe from a stained cookbook, all four...

16 of our favorite ways to make chicken

Chicken is one of our favorite blank canvases for a creative dinner, and creative doesn't necessarily mean fancy or complicated.

celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Martha's favorite margarita recipes

If you’re hosting a Cinco de Mayo fiesta this year, don’t forget the margaritas! Whether you prefer them frozen or on the rocks.

what to make with your leftover matzo

Matzo (unleavened flat bread) is traditionally eaten as a cracker or in matzo ball soup for Passover celebrations, but did you know that matzo and matzo meal...

Martha's favorite Easter desserts

I love celebrating Easter and the arrival of spring with my family and friends each year. I especially enjoy making fresh-flavored desserts like coconut lemon...

grilled cheese in honor of national grilled cheese month

It's #NationalGrilledCheeseMonth and we're celebrating with a different grilled cheese recipe every week in April. Unleash your inner kid and embrace every...

10 spring recipes we're excited for

Spring has sprung, but we're still experiencing snowstorms in parts of the country. This seasonal transition has our cravings all over the place. So, we...

Martha's spring cleaning guide

There might be a commercial product for almost every cleaning task, but you can still make your home sparkle with a just few simple supplies, many of which you...

Martha's Mother's Day brunch ideas

A delicious Mother's Day brunch is the perfect way to thank the moms in your life for all that they do; show them how much you appreciate the countless meals...

DIY 4th of July – Martha’s best decoration, drink, and snack ideas

The Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without a party, and we have a few ideas for a memorable one.

indulge in these fat tuesday recipes

Refreshing spring recipes are upon us, but for now we're still happily indulging in comforting, satisfying fare. And what better day to celebrate some of our...

recipe roundup: celebrating the green

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day and all things green, we're celebrating our favorite green ingredients. Whether you're cozied up inside avoiding the crowds...

Martha’s easy Oscar party snacks

Here are the nominees for best party snack: ham and spinach dip, twice-cooked potatoes, and Oscar popcorn! Before the awards are given out, make sure your party...

10 cheesy recipes that will melt your heart

#TreatYourself is the name of our St. Valentine's game. Whether you're snuggling up with your beau, your bestie, or your Netflix account, let yourself fall in...

producer spotlight: The Good Batch Cookies

It's hard to forget your first love, when you were young and life was simpler, with stars in your eyes and music in your heart. We remember ours—at a time...

5 drinks for your game day gathering

Game day is just around the corner and even the non-sports fans among us are gearing up for a delicious Sunday featuring healthy nachos, grass-fed beef chili,...

test kitchen staff picks: tools that rule

Every passionate cook has that favorite kitchen tool or gadget—the cast iron pan that's been handed down through generations, or the spurtle that works...

celebrating national cheese lovers day?

Of all of the food holidays, this one might just be our favorite. Why? Because cheese is comforting on a less than great day, it's the perfect complement to a...

Martha's tips for the perfect cheese plate on #nationalcheeseloversday

A delicious cheese plate is the perfect way to celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20. (My life as a cheese lover began on family picnics filled...

january's ginger-lemon hot toddy

How do we best keep warm on a cold winter’s day. By pouring ourselves a soothing hot toddy made with ginger...

Daily rituals for a healthy new year

Now that we’ve all treated ourselves to a well-deserved holiday of delicious food and drink, it’s time to focus again on a more healthy routine.

Martha's secret to cooking the perfect steak

We've all been there: searing a beautiful, perhaps expensive piece of meat, until you think it's....medium? Maybe? Medium rare? Pull it out of the pan, let it...

cocktail of the month: december's pomegranate kir royale

The holidays are here, and we're looking beyond just eggnog and mulled wine to lift our spirits (if you catch our drift)!

Martha's favorite gift ideas for foodies

Finding the right holiday gift for someone can be challenging, but not if that someone is a food lover!

Martha's favorite recipes for eating healthy during the week

With so many indulgent meals and desserts on offer during the holidays, it’s easy to lose track of our routines and health goals.

Martha's secret to forming   a perfect burger

The trick to forming a perfect burger patty isn't hard, but it's a necessary step that makes all the difference in the end. Let Martha Stewart show you how! ...

Martha’s favorite holiday cocktails

I love serving a signature cocktail or two when I entertain for the holidays, and my classic eggnog has always been a crowd-pleaser. It’s rich with cream and...

ingredient spotlight: the mighty lentil

The mighty lentil is a versatile legume that makes a hearty base for salads, soups, stews, and so much more.

ask Martha: what are some tips for becoming a better baker?

Dear Martha, Especially around the holidays, there's nothing better to me than making homemade pies to give away as gifts! I love to cook, but baking has...

Martha Stewart's favorite Thanksgiving serveware

The gorgeous turkey with all the trimmings is, of course, the star of your Thanksgiving table. But a beautiful setting for the feast is also part of the fun.

20 vegetarian recipes even meat eaters will love

Consider, for a moment, the versatility of vegetables: broil them, puree them, roast them, boil them. Eat them raw, buy them frozen, preserve them, can them,...

warm pimento cheese sandwiches with roasted sunflower broccoli

Just when you think grilled cheese sandwiches couldn’t get any better!

Martha's 5 favorite ways to decorate the Thanksgiving table

The gorgeous turkey with all the trimmings is, of course, the star of your Thanksgiving table. But a beautiful setting for the feast is also part of the fun.

how to carve a turkey like a pro

Even if you've mastered cooking a turkey, carving one can be a daunting task—but it doesn't have to be.

avoid feeling glazed and confused with our guide to glazes

If you're looking to bring flavor and a little something special to a protein or vegetable in a quick and easy way, look here.

post-thanksgiving, we're using leftover turkey every (sand)wich way

Thanksgiving is famously regarded as the ultimate food-lover's holiday, and where there's a bounty of delicious food, a strategy for cooking with leftovers can...

November's Cranberry Caipirinha

Welcome to another installment of Martha & Marley Spoon’s Cocktail of the Month, and in honor of November, we're showcasing cranberries in this Cranberry...

no-bake pumpkin cheesecake

Happy Halloween! We're all about treating your sweet tooth, but for those who are looking for something a little healthier, we've whipped up a super simple...

roasted romanesco & lentils with tahini and sumac

Romanesco cooks up nutty and tender when roasted, just like cauliflower (so you can use that in its place the next time you make this recipe). Medjool dates are...

Martha Stewart's best Thanksgiving recipes

Here in the test kitchen, we've had the pleasure of tasting every one of the recipes in our Martha & Marley Spoon Thanksgiving Box. In fact, we've likely...

treat yourself to these 6 Halloween recipes

'Tis the season of candy corn, caramels, and chocolate galore, but this Halloween we're satisfying more than just our sweet tooth. We've rounded up our...

our top 10 favorite food-themed Halloween costumes

Halloween is around the corner and we don't know about you, but we only have one thing on our mind: candy!! ? ? ? Well, alright, two things: candy and...

10 x better and smarter: fighting food waste

We know that skipping the hassle of the supermarket is one of the reasons you love Martha & Marley Spoon.

don't stew over a complicated recipe! here are 18 of our simplest soups

Here's a secret about soups that shouldn't be a secret anymore: they're really, truly simple to prepare. If your vision of making soup for dinner involves...

cocktail of the month: october's maple apple shandy

Marking Martha & Marley Spoon’s first installment of Cocktail of the Month, and in honor of Octoberfest: meet the Shandy! Traditionally equal parts beer...

The Martha & Marley Spoon Thanksgiving Box

We’re so excited to bring you the first ever Thanksgiving meal kit! Receive all the ingredients you need for a complete Thanksgiving meal at home, along with...

fast and fabulous: our 9 favorite 20-minute meals

There are few things better than a dinner that tastes (and looks!) as if it's been cooking for hours, as if someone has been lovingly laboring over the stove...

Martha Stewart's best sweet and savory apple recipes

“I can hardly believe it’s October already! The weather is crisp and clear, and it’s a great time to enjoy picking apples. In the orchard, choose firm,...

squash and learn with this versatile vegetable

Welcome to 1 Ingredient, 3 Meals, our weekly series that takes you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner with one ingredient as the star of them all. This week's...

Martha & Marley Spoon Thanksgiving meal kit: prep ahead guide

Thank you for inviting us into your kitchen! We want this to be your easiest Thanksgiving dinner yet, so we've put together a helpful cooking timeline for a...

keep your cool heading back-to-school with these 12 simple recipes

September is an exciting time. It's a month of change—change in schedules, change in wardrobe, change in weather. We're saying a bittersweet goodbye to the...

tamale pie with romaine hearts

This dish is your favorite childhood chili reimagined with an ultra-creamy cornmeal topping. We sprinkled sharp cheddar on top and popped it all in the oven for...

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