in pizza we crust: our favorite easy🍕 recipes

in pizza we crust: our favorite easy🍕 recipes

Square, triangle, rectangle—whichever way you slice it, there’s something extra satisfying about homemade pizza. There’s a lot to love about a standard greasy slice from your local pizza joint, but when you make your pie at home you can get as creative as you want: French bread crust? BBQ sauce? An egg on top? Can’t decide between pizza and Mexican? Make fajita pizza! The options go far beyond pepperoni and mushrooms. Scroll down for some serious slice inspiration.

Cheesy Fajita Pizza with Peppers & Onions | Try this customer favorite on our menu for a limited time
This fajita pizza is the mashup of all mashups. All the bell pepper-y goodness we love about fajitas, melted cheese, cool sour cream, and fresh chopped cilantro, all on yeasty pizza dough. It’s a surefire hit, and we’re betting kids won’t complain about eating them with their hands!

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kale & cheddar tortilla pizza with marinated tomatoes

spicy pork french bread pizza with pickled peppers and cheddar

lemon & asparagus flatbread with asparagus, onions & fontina

french bread pizza with roasted broccoli rabe

pita pizzas with lamb & feta

escarole caesar flatbread