20 vegetarian recipes even meat eaters will love

20 vegetarian recipes even meat eaters will love

Consider, for a moment, the versatility of vegetables: broil them, puree them, roast them, boil them. Eat them raw, buy them frozen, preserve them, can them, jar them. Even gather them in a bowl to decorate your coffee table! Throughout all of our cooking in the test kitchen, the conclusion we’ve come to is this: the uses for veggies are truly endless.

Thus, a collection of our favorite vegetarian recipes. The addition of a bright cilantro relish takes saucy chilaquiles to the next level. And toasty naan, served alongside our thick and comforting red lentil dal, is perfect for dipping and will make you question the necessity of spoons.

Follow these surefire recipes for an arsenal of filling and flavorful vegetarian meals, and you’ll find yourself saying, “Meat? It’s like we’ve never met!” 😜 Cook, relax, and enjoy!

cheesy veggie chilaquiles
cheesy vegetable chilaquiles with cilantro-onion relish
Traditional Mexican Chilaquiles are made with lightly fried tortillas, covered in sauce and cheese. We crisped our tortillas up in the oven instead as a healthier and easier alternative, and toss them with lots of fun, festive ingredients: white cheddar cheese, cilantro-onion relish, and sour cream.

red lentil and potato dal
Red Lentil and Potato Dal with Toasted Naan
Dal is a traditional Indian dish, a thick stew typically made from lentils or beans. In this recipe, red lentils are cooked down with potatoes, sauteed onion, garlic and ginger, and a beautifully fragrant spice blend is toasted in oil before added to the dal mixture. Finished with cilantro, and a squeeze of lime, all you need is warm naan for dipping!


warm pimento cheese sandwiches with roasted sunflower broccoli



mushroom ragù and polenta with fontina & roasted broccolini


cannellini in 10-minute brodo with escarole and lemon

roasted chickpeas & tomatoes with garlicky grits

baked mushroom pasta with parmesan and thyme

burrata & blistered vegetables with basil-almond dressing

wild mushroom & kale farrotto with lemon-chili butter

veggie grinders with mozzarella and tomato sauce

lemony spinach gnocchi bake with basil and pine nuts

quinoa veggie burgers with kale chips


cauliflower tacos with pickled radishes

caprese stuffed portobellos with bulgur & herb salad

roasted vegetable sandwiches with tomatoes, mushrooms & kale

Indian spiced cauliflower with cumin rice pilaf

mushroom ramen with miso glazed tofu

halloumi & tomato skewers with radicchio salad

warm tofu & spicy garlic sauce with rice and choy sum

lemon & asparagus flatbread with asparagus, onions & fontina